Art scene in Indonesia

Indonesia has a large melange of cultures that has proven to be a hothouse for artists. It has more than 1,700 islands, some 300 languages and a religious mixture of Islam (the country has the largest population of Muslims in the world), Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity. Historically Indonesia┬áhas been a meeting point of cultures and kingdoms with influences from Indian Sanskrit to Arabic, Chinese, Latin and Dutch. Art has always played a strong... Read More

Indonesia and its beauties…

  Indoensia, a beautiful country with a beautiful soul and yet a struggling situation for many people. Whoever has the chance to visit this country will fell in love the very first moment they put their feet on the ground. People are kind, helpful and make you feel at home. A reality that make people wanting to come back continuously. One of the most amazing historic sites on this planet, is situated in the middle of Java (Central Indonesia).... Read More