The RIETBERG Museum in Zurich!

Today I visited for the first time The Museum Rietberg in Zurich and I was astonished by this AMAZING oasis in the middle of Zurich!

This Museum is the only art museum for non-European cultures in Switzerland exhibiting an internationally renowned collection of art from Asia, Africa and Ancient America. It intends not only to focus on the fascinating variety of artistic expression, but also to raise interest and understanding of foreign cultures, views and religions. The core of the Museum’s collection dates back to a generous donation of Baron Eduard von der Heydt. Through the long standing contact with patrons, collectors as well as foundations and corporate sponsors, the Museum Rietberg has been able to continuously grow.

While I was wondering this incredible space(extended in 2007) I found the visible storage, a magnificent and quiet room… I felt like in a temple in China, I don’t know why…This storeroom is brightly lit and designed as a visible storage providing the public with a view behind the scenes. Experts and members of the lay public can now study the almost 4’000 artefacts at leisure all of which had formerly resided in the shadows. As the new entrance area with the glass facade already signalises, the Museum Rietberg is now, more than ever and in every sense of the word, a transparent museum.

The current exhibition, The Way of the Masters, shows 800 years of Indian painting, some 240 masterpieces by more than 40 artists – and all this at a glance. Never before in the West has an exhibition offered such a comprehensive overview of the entire history of Indian painting.

This is really one of the best Museum I have seen lately… Worth the trip!