Museo del Novecento (Arengario) – Milano

Just before Christmas the city of Milan opened a new fantastic Museum, il Museo del Novecento. This Museum exhibits an incredible body of work by the Futurist artist Boccioni, in addition to that,  gorgeous and heartbreaking still life paintings by Morandi, the metaphysical masterpieces by Giorgio de Chirico, Balla and Carrà, the nostalgic vision of Filippo de Pisis, the poetic and monumental stone creatures by Arturo Martini, the love of Classic art as expressed by Marino Marini, the semantic boundaries reached by artits like Alberto Burri, di Castellani, Dadamaino, Alviani, Piero Manzoni and Luciano Fabro. Many of these masterpieces are hanging from walls made of white corian. The last floor of the museum is a tug at the heart strings. At the top of the escalator, you will be overwhelmed by a painted ceiling by Lucio Fontana and as soon as you reach the floor, two Spatial Concept and a Neon. Last but not least, the restaurant by the famous Giacomo , decorated by “discepoli” of the exquisite Renzo Mongiardino with breathtaking views of Piazza del Duomo and La Madonnina make this place a true GEM!

I would also like to mention that a foundation named AMICHAE, acronym of “Associazione Milano Cultura Patrimonio, Arte, Educazione” (Foundation for the promotion of Milan’s cultural, artistic heritage through education) was established and is headed by Rita Rovelli Caltagirone, sister of dear Angela and will support the Museo del Novecento and a few other civic museums in Milan, namely: Palazzo Morando – Moda , Costume, Immagine (The museum of fashion and costume history hosted at Palazzo Morando) and Palazzo Moriggia – Museo del Risorgimento and Laboratorio di Storia Contemporanea (The Resurgence Museum and the Lab for Contemporary History hosted at Palazzo Moriggia). I definitely recommend to support it.