ARCO – Madrid- 30 years

Last week Madrid saw a gathering of collectors and fellow art-lovers to visit the famous ARCO Art Fair…

A very rich program was organized for the collectors who visited the city from all over the world.

ARCO was celebrating 30 years and the new Director Carlos Urroz gave a breath of fresh air to this Madrid Institution. Among the famous galleries there were three special exhibitions: “Focus Russia” including eight Russian galleries, which introduced exciting new artists from that country; “Solo Projects: Focus Latin America” offered emerging Latin American artists the same exposure; and “Opening: New European Galleries”  Curators from major museums selected the galleries in the new events.

The fair was full of interesting artists like Carlos Aires, who works with Vynils and cuts them into various shapes according to the tilte (photo above). Many young artist from Russia from Galleries like Marina Gisich with her live boxes that sold out in 5min. Igncio Liprandi, the famous aregntine collector turned gallerist presented a solo show in the Latin America selected space by artits Tomas Espina who burns the canvas representing images of political protests of Buenos Aires (see right).

Collectors had the chance of visiting very interesting private colletion and some lucky few were recieved on a private tour at Palacio Liris the residence of the Duchess of Alba, the person with the most noble titles in the whole world. Her Palce is set in the middle of Madrid and has a beautiful garden (photo below). Her outstanding collection of Old Masters includes works by  Titians,

Rembrandt, Goya, El Greco  and many more, a true gem!